Rabbit Cages

Rabbit Cages

Is your furry little pet hopping mad over their current living arrangements? Is your rabbit cage older than your rabbit? Well it could be time for a new rabbit cage or hutch.

What Size Cage Does My Rabbit Need?
One of the first things you need to consider before purchasing a new rabbit cage is the size of your rabbit's new home. While there are tons of small cages available on the market, including on this site, they should not be used as long-term quarters for a pet rabbit. Rabbits should only be kept in small cages for brief periods of time. Rabbits should be housed in a large, clean, secure, and durable cage or hutch. While there are many rules of thumb for determining the size of cage your rabbit needs, the easiest method is simple common sense. Seriously think about how big you are in comparison to the size of your house or even a room within your house.

Cage Flooring
Some cages and hutches have grid floors covering at least part of the bottom. This allows dirt and waste to fall through, which allows the rabbit to remain on a clean surface. This is usually the most practical way of keeping the rabbit's housing sanitary. However, various breeds of rabbits require some type of padding on the floor of their cage, because the soles of their feet do not have enough cushioning fur pad. Straw or hay often works great for this purpose. You should ask your veterinarian if any type of padding needs to be added to the floor of your rabbit’s house.

Rabbit Traps
Today's animal friendly traps are nothing like the old claw traps you may have seen in the movies. They are basically a standard rabbit cage with a door that automatically closes once the rabbit enters. If a rabbit has made its way into your residential neighborhood, it may not be a bad idea to capture it and turn it into a domestic pet. Wild rabbits do not typically last very long roaming free in a residential area. Between the traffic, dogs, and the other circumstances that they will run into around the human environment, their chances are slim if left running freely in the open.

Another thing to consider is that the wild rabbit you have noticed the last few mornings in your backyard may not be wild at all. Often new pet owners think their fenced in backyard is a good place to let their bunny play and exercise. They soon discover that fence was no obstacle for the fuzzy little rascal.

Escape From The Cage
Having always wanted a pet rabbit, my parents finally decided to get me one. It was love at first sight and everyday it was something different with Furball, the loving name that I had bestowed upon my favorite pet. I was completely in charge of Furball and at the age of seven this was something to be proud of.

During my routine of getting Furball out to brush him, I decided to let Furball have some walking around time. After all, it must be hard to stay in that cage all day long! Furball had never been a robust type of rabbit, he seemed to always be very calm no matter what. But as soon as his little paws touched the hardwood floor, he took off as though his very life depended on it.

I was amazed and for a few minutes completely shocked that he could move that fast. Then I took chase to make sure that he did not get too far, as mom would not like it if Furball decided to chew on her shoe strings or make a mess in her floor. As soon as Furball saw me coming, he sped up and slid across the hardwood floor, knocking into a chair. I immediately followed and flew into the same chair, sending chocolate chip cookies all over the floor.

But this did not slow down Furball, he continued on his adventure, slipping and sliding all over the floor with me hot on his tail. I hit the counter with my hand and sent Kool Aid flying into the air which landed on Furball's nice white fur, as well as in my blonde hair. I did finally catch Furball and immediately took him to his cage. I made sure that it was locked tightly. I went back to the kitchen and found that there was no way that I could hide the destruction that Furball had caused while on his adventure. Though, that would definitely not stop me from trying!

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